Bachir Mihoubi, founder and managing director of FranCounsel Group, has international business development, management, and law experience in over 35 countries.  Francounsel Group uses a network of franchise professionals located around the world.  These professionals are armed with experience in all areas of international business; they analyze the local market in their region and find partners for their clients.

Global Atlanta: Can you tell us about your background?

Bachir Mihoubi: Born in Algeria, I was awarded a diploma in English by the University of Cambridge, a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Montreal, a baccalaureate of law from the University of Ottawa School of Law, and a doctor of jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law at Austin, Texas.  I am fluent in English, French, Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic and colloquial dialects), and Spanish, and have a working knowledge of Italian and Portuguese.  Also, I am a licensed attorney in the state of Georgia.

Global Atlanta: What are the economic links between Algeria and the United States?

Bachir Mihoubi: The economic relationship is not fluid.  It is limited to the oil sector, and natural resources.  It needs more Foreign Direct Investments.

Global Atlanta: Where do things stand in Algeria?

Bachir Mihoubi: Within the North African countries, Algeria is the only country that has not implemented any reforms.  For example, countries such as Morocco and Tunisia have been implementing several political reforms.

Algeria needs more reforms.  It has to learn from other countries.  There is a lack of transparency.

Global Atlanta: What are the business risks of going to Algeria?

Bachir Mihoubi: U.S. businesses should seek working with Arab countries because they offer a fresh market with a new prospective.

Actually, I often go to Tunisia and Morocco for work.  I will hold workshops for bankers and entrepreneurs in Morocco and Tunisia through the chamber of commerce.  Also, I will give conferences in franchising.

Global Atlanta: In your opinion, what does the region have to offer to Atlanta?

Bachir Mihoubi: In terms of franchising, Gulf countries and the Middle East region can offer a lot of opportunities.  Today, the laws are more transparent and trademarks are more protected.  There are more opportunities for franchising and licensing than before.  In Algeria, the main issue is the banking system because royalties cannot be repatriated.

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