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Global Atlanta is pleased to announce that Atlanta-based ElKhalil Law has renewed its yearlong support of our Middle East and North Africa Channel.

This section of our news publication is devoted to coverage of Georgia’s economic and cultural ties with a region that has long been recognized as pivotal for world events yet remains less explored as a crossroads for business.

A native of BeirutLebanon, founding partner Hassan Elkhalil would like to change that, positioning his firm as a cultural bridge for those aiming to explore business in a complex, ever-shifting region.

On both sides, lack of awareness leads to decreased engagement, which can result in missed opportunities, he said.The Middle East offers markets for Georgia agricultural goods, technology services and other products. Georgia, meanwhile, is still being discovered by companies from the region for its hospitable business climate and favorable lifestyle, Mr. Elkhalil said.

“This is where I come in — to be the liaison between Middle Eastern companies and Georgia and Georgian companies and the Middle East,” he said. “We play this role, and it’s vital for both economies. It helps build cultural awareness and introduces people to each other. We enjoy seeing horizons expand and tolerance grow from a business, personal and community perspective.”

To date, Elkhalil Law has mainly focused on international business, immigration and criminal law, with many inbound inquiries driven by happenings on the ground in the Middle East.

Clients have come from the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Iraq, LebanonSaudi Arabia and beyond, said Mr. Elkhalil, a U.S.-trained attorney whose boutique firm has more than a decade of experience.

The firm’s versatility has prepared it to handle various aspects of an individual or family’s resettlement into the U.S., from complex immigration cases to matters of business growth.

ElKhalil Law prides itself on service, maintaining a personal touch even as its influence expands.

“While growing to meet the demands of our diverse and expanding client base, our core value remains handing all cases with care,” Mr. Elkhalil said.

Learn more about the firm at www.elkhalillaw.com or email Mr. Elkhalil at Hassan@ElkhalilLaw.com.