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International Business Webinar Series: “Multinationals’ Continued Strive for Local Relevance in an Era of Disruption”

February 2 at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

A new world order is in place. Globalization is taking a different turn and evolving further. Businesses operate in a deeply interconnected yet polarized world, facing disruptions at multiple levels. Local relevance is one of the pillars for companies to maintain resilience and to thrive during times of turbulence.

How do multinationals win with local consumers, customers and stakeholders? What are some of the critical enablers for success in the face of a VUCA environment and scarcity of resources? Where do you centralize and how much do you localize to create scale and maintain focus? What is the impact of talent, organizational structure and culture to drive global scale and local relevance?

Today’s radical change in context requires us to review and refresh past learnings on some of the questions which have been discussed for decades. Recycling our knowledge might be helpful as we design the next phase of global business where the dichotomy of local and global is becoming both blurred and further contrasted.

Key take-aways:
• Gain insights into how multinationals operate in local settings
• Learn about different approaches in adapting global value propositions
• Obtain learnings on talent, structure and culture in leading and executing multinational operations