Michael Manely
Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post paid for by the Manely Firm. 

Traveling abroad or relocating your family overseas for that coveted promotion can be a dream come true, but without the proper preparation, many journeys begun cheerfully have ended in nightmarish scenarios.

That’s why The Manely Firm is helping international businesspeople in Georgia — from inbound diplomats to outbound executives — understand the implications of cross-border family law before a crisis emerges.

Georgia’s top specialists in international family law, The Manely Firm practices in areas like international child abduction, cross-border divorce, international child-support collection, and custody implications in international relocation of children. The firm’s attorneys have deep experience in each of these sub-sectors, along with broad expertise in the Hague Convention and frequent travel and court appearances.

While an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, The Manely Firm stands ready to passionately intervene on behalf of its clients in a variety of tough situations.

Take the example of a woman who moved to the U.S. from Istanbul, Turkey, to gain better medical care for a daughter suffering from end-stage renal disease. Eight months after their arrival, as the mother was seeking ways to stay in the country to continue the treatment, the girl’s father opened up a child abduction case. The Manely Firm was brought in to assist the mother.

“That’s when I came to find The Manely Firm,” she says. “Michael invests so much, and I could tell he was very emotional about it. He was easy to speak with and seemed to understand the situation clearly. I felt like part of a big family.”

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